Our Ingredients

God’s Wondrous Pantry
Our Ingredients are what we stand for…all-natural!
We formulate products that we personally use and cannot live without. We are confident that the ingredients we use will achieve the result we want, with ingredients we know, trust, love, and am deeply proud to share with you.
We ensure our ingredients are always fresh! It is why we manufacture in-house and in small batches. It is why each bottle and jar receive its own unique fresh-made birthday stamp.
We are committed to ensuring that each ingredient we source is grown and harvested ethically, processed in a way that honors the integrity of that plant’s unique nature, and that the ultimate materials delivered to our kitchen lab are authentic, potent, and the unparalleled quality upon which we insist.
God’s wondrous bounty of botanicals provide us with the most nutrient-dense, impeccably sourced healing plants, mineral salts, and clays, direct from God’s  beautiful earth.
Each and every ingredient is chosen with the utmost objective to ensure exquisite results.