Our Story

 Elemar True Beauty provides all-natural, result-driven, skin and body care products, designed and customized to provide the nutrients the skin needs, and none of the harsh chemicals that you may find in many of the skin care products today.  Located now in the small village of Carbon, Alberta.

My passion for beautiful, healthy skin came from my mom who taught me to take care of my skin at an early age. As a young girl I was always fascinated with the rituals that took place in front of the bathroom mirror, so my mom always had an audience. Funny, my seat was always the toilet, with the lid down, lol. She would always take the time to explain to me the importance of taking care of your skin. She was a vibrant, beautiful human being and loved life. We lost her to ovarian cancer in 2019, but what she taught me, and the rituals she used, I also used throughout my life. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I started to look at the ingredients of the skin care products that were in my home, and that my children were using. As my mom had educated me on the importance of skin health, I also passed to my children. Being a mother, is being a protector. So, it began…I wanted to protect my children from all the harmful chemicals they were putting on their skin and find gentle, safe alternatives, not just alternatives, but result-driven alternatives! Hundreds of hours of research brought me a wealth of information that I used to create products for each child with the ingredients needed for whatever the area of concern was.

My passion for skin health and our overall wellbeing continued to grow and I started to share products with other family members and friends. The products that I created for my loved ones were always a success and brought them back wanting more. My mom’s dedicated rituals, and my love for my own children and family, turned into a passion to educated people of all the wonderful, natural ingredients God created for us, to heal us, and enhance our beauty…naturally. Lorina ♥