What’s the difference between Bentonite and Kaolin?

What is best for you?

Kaolin clay is usually pink or white in color and a very fine powder. This clay is made of tiny mineral and crystals like magnesium, zinc and quartz giving it a relatively neutral pH level that is very closer to our skins. Kaolin clay is one of the most gentle types of clay, making it excellent for sensitive skin. If your skin tends to be on the dryer side this clay absorbs less liquid and oil from the skins surface keeping it more hydrated.

-Helps to keep the pores unclogged

-Can soothe irritated skin and reduce redness

-Removes dirt and other impurities from the skins surface

-Evens out skin tone and complexion

-Can help you maintain a balanced pH level

-Absorbs excess oil (sebum) without affecting the skins natural oil level


Bentonite Clay comes from volcanic ash and usually a dark gray in color. This clay has a much high pH level than kaolin sitting around 8.5. This means that it can open your pores even further for a deep cleanse and to better penetrate more product. Bentonite clay has powerful absorption properties and is best suited for people with oilier more acne prone skin.

-Strips oil from skins surface

-Supports overall skin health

-Helps with detoxifying the skin

-Antibacterial properties to help reduce the risk of breakouts


Kaolin vs Bentonite clay have their respective benefits and uses. So, consider your skin conditions when finding which one is right for you. While Bentonite is great for oily skin, excessive use is not recommended since it can drain all the oil and fluids from the skin. It’s recommended to use either our Kaolin Exfoliating or Purifying Bentonite clay masks only once or twice a week.


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