Bakuchiol vs Retinol

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. When retinol is applied topically, it converts to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid by specialized enzymes found in the skin. When used as an ingredient in skin care products it alters the behavior of aged cells, so they act in a more youthful manner. It will work through specific receptors in the cells that trigger an increase in gene expression and increased production of collagen. Translated, it means that your skins firmness and elasticity increase, and wrinkles and fine lines decrease! It also has that ability to simultaneously help treat acne, age spots, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation.

Because retinol is chemically derived it can irritate the skin, causing it to redden and become inflamed. It will also result in dryness and flaking skin. There are some people that just can’t tolerate retinoids at all, and doctors recommend that you avoid them all together if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. When using retinol, you must also be aware that your skin will become UV-light sensitive.


What is Bakuchiol?

A “natural version of retinol”.

Bakuchiol is a plant extract found in the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant, also known as Psoralea Corylifolia. There is no structural resemblance to retinoid acid, but there are studies showing that it has similar effects on the skin.Babchi seed oil natural version of retinol Recent studies have shown Bakuchiol to mimic the activity and benefits of retinol and confirmed that unlike the harsh side affects of retinol, Bakuchiol is a gentle alternative. 

Bakuchiol seed oil natural version of retinolBakuchiol was traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat skin disease and is now been discovered that it has so many more benefits. Not only does this oil reduce the signs of aging but is smooths the look of fine lines, brightens uneven skin tone and gives you that radiant glow. The bakuchiol oil stimulates melanin pigments of the skin structure and promotes pigmentation. It will enhance overall skin heath without the harsh side effect of retinol.

So, although retinol has some great benefits, choosing to go with Bakuchiol oil in your skin care products, is a gentle, more natural choice! Choose natural!

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