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Body Scrubs

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  • Relax and soften your skin using this cream-based scrub with a gentle exfoliator. The Body Scrub has an amazing aroma with essential oils, infused with Mango and Shea Butters and an array of natural oils including Jojoba, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil. This scrub provides exfoliation AND moisturization leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth while providing powerful hydration. Available in 2 different scents Lavender Luxe and Peppermint Chill!! Cute wooden spoon included for easy scooping.

    • Aqua, Aloe Barbensis Leaf Extract, Pumice Stone, Arrowroot DL Panthenol, Avena Sativa (Oat), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii Shea Butter), Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Glycerin Sterate/Cetearyl Alcohol/Sodium Stearyl Lactylate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Benzyl Alcohol/Salicylic Acid/Glycerin/Sorbic, Tocopherol (Vit E), Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.

      *Certified Organic **Ecocert Certified

      All our products are free of alcohol, BHA, BHT, EDTA, formol, or formaldehyde, mineral oil, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, silicone, SKES, synthetic colorants or tirclosan.
    • Best applied to damp skin in your shower or bath. Start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and the torso. Continue at your fingertips and massage up the arm. Rinse with warm water. Follow up with a body oil or moisturizer. Use a couple of times a week for smooth soft skin.

    • *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract - Aloe Vera Extract is derived from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. Historically referred to as "The Plant of Immortality" by the ancient Egyptians. Aloe Vera Extract can hydrate, exfoliate, nourish, clarify, and revitalize the skin. It will help protect the skin before and after the harmful effects UV radiation, and it works to repair the damage. It helps to prevent and diminish the appearance of fine lines, acne, psoriasis, as well as dermatitis.

       Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) - Although called an oil, it’s a liquid plant wax. Jojoba oil contains beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E, vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. Our sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in our skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter called sebum. It helps to kill germs, and viruses and creates a protective barrier for locking in moisture on our skin. When you compare the molecular structure of wax esters found in jojoba with wax esters found in our skin, you can see that the structures are identical. This is what gives jojoba its unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin allowing it to benefit the skin at the cellular level.

      Glyceryl Stearate & Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (EmulsiMulse) - EmulsiMulse is a natural source self-emulsifier for oil in water emulsions. It is ECOCERT approved for use in Certified Organic products.

      Colloidal Oatmeal Powder (Avena Sativa) - Oatmeal possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal oatmeal produced by finely grinding the oat and boiling it to extract the colloidal material. Oatmeal possesses different types of phenols which exert the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. They are responsible for the potent anti-inflammatory effect of oatmeal that appears to mediate the anti-irritant effects of oats. Some benefits include anti-itch, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, antiviral, antifungal, skin protection, and skin moisturizing

      Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter – Derived from the seeds of India’s “King of Fruits”. A healing ingredient that contains great amounts of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is amazing for healing and regenerating your skin, as well as brightening it. Vitamin A helps to increase the skin’s youthful appearance, reducing fine lines. Mango Butter’s long-lasting emollience nourishes skin and boosts its elasticity as well as its suppleness, thereby making skin look smoother and firmer. Its rich texture allows it to serve as an extra protective barrier on the surface of your skin to allow them to hydrate and heal.

      Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - A fat-soluble, essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties and an antioxidant. Vitamin E helps support cell function and has moisturizing and healing properties. It also helps to strengthen skin barrier function to ward off the affects of free radical damage.

      EmulsiMulse (Glyceryl Stearate/Cetearyl Alcohol/Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate)EmulsiMulse is a natural source self-emulsifier for oil in water emulsions. It is ECOCERT approved for use in Certified Organic products

      Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5)Panthenol is a humectant which attracts water from the atmosphere to our skin which improves the hydration of our stratum corneum. It has the ability to decrease trans-epidermal water loss and helps to maintain skin softness and elasticity. Regenerates skin tissue, which is beneficial for cuts, wounds, sores, chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and dark spots.

       Benzyl Alcohol & Salicylic Acid & Glycerin & Sorbic Acid (Geogard ECT Preservative) - A preservation system that meets the ECOCERT standards (approved for use in Certified Organic products). It is paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, and isothiazolone-free based system.

      Cetyl Alcohol - A thickening agent used to stabilize the consistency of a product. Its is comprised of 95% fatty acids derived from vegetable oils, primarily palm oil. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review